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Empowering Men, Transforming Lives

Welcome to Chapter 38 Ministries!

Mission Statement

At Chapter 38 Ministries, we believe in the power of divine healing and community support to transform lives. Inspired by John 5:1-9, our mission is to empower individuals and uplift communities through faith and dedicated outreach.

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Empowered by Faith, Committed to Change

Discover how Chapter 38 Ministries leverages the power of faith to transform lives and uplift communities. Inspired by the miraculous events of John 5:1-9, we are dedicated to fostering spiritual growth and personal development. Join us in making a lasting impact.

Our Key Initiatives

Designed to foster growth, provide support, and empower communities.

Servant Leaders Initiative

Servant Leaders Initiative

Develop leadership qualities through service with our community focused initiatives.

Pathways to Purpose

Guiding young individuals towares fulfilling their spiritual and career oriented goals.

Elegance & Excellence Gala

Join us in celebrating community talents and raising support for our vital programs

Community Kitchen

Providing nourishment and warmth to those in need, embodying the compassion of Matthew 25:35

Horizons Educational Excursions

Providing exploratory educational trips to inspire and open new vocation paths for youth.

Suits of Success

Empowering young men with professional attire to confidently step into new opportunities.

Stories of Impact

Thank you, Rev. Claude, and colleagues for giving young men of the Hampton Roads communities an opportunity to dress properly for formal occasions. Through the years your organization has served the community to continue one of our traditions, of classis history of dress. May you continue your legacy of helping those who are less fortunate than others. 

Cecil R. Mainor

Cecil R. Mainor